Stop Staring at Those Piles of Books—Get Out There and Sell Some!

Congratulations—you’ve written your book and now you’re a published author. But there’s that little matter of all those boxes of books in your garage or attic, or worse, in a storage area that you have to pay for, month after agonizing month. Maybe you thought you’d get some real marketing support from your publisher—but you find that you’re expected to do almost all the work yourself. It’s not what you bargained for!

How will you move those books out the door and into the hands of eager buyers?

My name is Shel Horowitz, and I've published four books with traditional publishers (John Wiley & Sons, Simon & Schuster, Chelsea Green, and Stackpole) and four as a self-publisher. For well over a decade, now, I've written marketing copy and assisted in strategic planning for small and mid-size publishers. My first e-book, produced in 1995 before the term had even been invented, helped keep an otherwise-obsolete book alive for three more years, by allowing me to use my existing inventory but still keep the information current.

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Speaking of e-books... make sure you keep reading all the way to the bottom, where you’ll learn how you can get a free copy of How To Write And Publish A Marketable Book—five additional chapters that cover:
  • How to identify and reach your market
  • How to identify the best publishing model and technology for your particular book
  • How to choose titles/subtitles and design covers that are effective in the marketplace—they help to sell your book
  • How to get your book into bookstores

As an example, my (self-published) sixth book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First is an award-winning book that was profitable the day it was printed, thanks to a 1000-copy pre-publication sale to a major corporation. It's been resold to foreign publishers, reviewed in Publishers Weekly and garnered over 80 endorsements, including Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Jay Conrad Levinson of Guerrilla Marketing, among others. I even resold the US rights to John Wiley & Sons (without using an agent), which published an updated and expanded version under the title, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.

For eight years, people were coming up to me when I spoke at publishing conferences and saying things like, "You've written four books about marketing for all sorts of businesses, but you know so much about the book industry! When are you going to write a marketing book just for writers and publishers?"

So I took their advice and wrote my seventh book: Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers.

The book industry is rigged against ordinary folks, and 90 percent of books never sell more than 1000 copies. Let'’s make yours different! Let's make yours a winner.

Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers, endorsed my several of the biggest names in the independent publishing world, among them John Kremer, Dan Poynter, Fern Reiss, and Marilyn Ross (click here to read their praises) is what your authors need to succeed.

The book includes...

—>Concepts and Strategies for Success

  • Seven different types of book-promotion websites, with pluses and minus of each (and several examples)
  • Three strategies to set your book apart from the pack and greatly increase the likelihood that your book will be taken seriously
  • Twelve ways to promote your book on Google, above and beyond basic search
  • Another twelve ways to get the most out of
  • Two entire chapters on understanding bookstores and making them work
  • Four excellent tools to get coverage in the mainstream media

—>Tactics and Examples

But that wouldn't be enough—you want hands-on examples. And as you know from my other books, I'm a strong believer in specific examples that you can learn from and work into your own marketing, so you also get...

  • Two complete, full-length marketing plans actually prepared for paying customers—and another one available as a downloadable no-charge bonus for anyone who purchases the book through me
  • Eight actual press releases and six media pitches that got attention for books?including one that got coverage in 63 national and international newspapers and other news outlets, among them The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, UPI, Reuters, the news services of Google, Yahoo, and Netscape, and news media in eight foreign countries—and another that was only sent to 12 trade journals and got coverage in seven of them (including three major feature stories)
  • Success stories from at least 41 ordinary authors and publishers and a dozen or so industry experts, highlighting the methods they used to get their books noticed—and sold
  • An extensive 16-page resource appendix listing dozens of useful books, websites, publications, book coaches, organizations, etc.
  • Seven additional chapters in two supplementary e-books that provide extra advice for those publishing their own books, as well as on how to market online through social media—included at no extra charge with every order from this site

And far more success tools than I can tell you about without making this as long as a book.

Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers is a 290-page paperback jammed with useful, practical information. Yes, we could charge $50 or even more for it, and it would be worth the price—but we don't work that way. Because we believe in delivering lots of value at affordable prices, you can snag your copy of for just $24.95 plus shipping, or as an e-book for just $19.95 with no shipping charge (shipping costs for the paperback depend on your location and preferred shipping method).

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If you'd like to see the complete Index, please click here. And here's the full Table of Contents for the book and both e-books:

Chapter 1: The Marketing Plan—and Marketing Stunts
Chapter 2: Publish Traditionally, Self-Publish, or Subsidy Publish?
Chapter 3: Endorsements, Reviews, and Awards

Chapter 4: Personal Networking
Chapter 5: Build Your Website(s)
Chapter 6: Google
Chapter 7: Attract Attention Elsewhere Online
Chapter 8: Hook In the Traditional Media
Chapter 9: How to Give Great Interviews

Chapter 10: Understand the Bookstore System
Chapter 11: Succeed with Bookstores, Libraries, and Other Retail Venues
Chapter 12: Amazon and Other Online Bookstores

Chapter 13: Speak to Sell
Chapter 14: Trade Shows and Book Fairs
Chapter 15: Affiliate and Joint-Venture Marketing
Chapter 16: Advertising and Direct Mail
Chapter 17: Sell Rights, Extend the Brand, Make Profits

Appendix: Resources

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All orders from this site include two useful e-books. Especially for publishers, you get How to Write and Publish a Marketable Book, with these five additional chapters:

Chapter 1: Determine Your Audience, Find Your Market
Chapter 2: Which Technology Should You Use?
Chapter 3: Find the Perfect Title
Chapter 4: Covers: Marketing from the Outside In
Chapter 5: How to Get Into the Stores: Distributors and Wholesalers

And because the world of marketing is changing very rapidly, you also get Web 2.0 Marketing for the 21st Century: The Missing Chapters of Grassroots Marketing. Here's the Table of Contents for that e-book:


1: Why Participate in Social Networking?
2: Specific Social Networking Strategies
3: Which Sites Should You Participate On?
4: Your Own Blog
How to Get Your Blog Noticed:
If a Blog Feels Too Overwhelming
5: Market With Others' Blogs
Guest Blogging
Interviews and Excerpts
Affiliate Relationships
6: Other Web 2.0 sites
Comment on News Articles
"I Found Something Cool" Sites
Set Up a Squidoo Lens
Contribute to Wikipedia
7: Develop Social Network Applications or other Viral Media

1. Important Changes to E-Mail
The From Line
Subject Line
Body of the E-mail
2. Paid Ads Online
Paid Viral Tools
3. Changing Publicity Strategies

Shel's Books and Products
Monetizing Social Media
Resources on Google Ads
Help Directly from Shel

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