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Endorsements From Industry Experts

"Shel is the ultimate frugal marketer. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money marketing your books—but you still want to sell a ton of books—read his book. He provides lots of doable ideas that don’t cost a lot of money but can produce great results."
—John Kremer, editor, Book Marketing Update and author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

"A brilliant potpourri of marketing tidbits and little-known tricks of the book publicist’s trade."
—Fern Reiss, author, The Publishing Game series

"Dynamite stuff! I have even more respect for you as a knowledgeable colleague after reading Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers! The ‘Google’ chapter alone is worth the price of the book. And the real-life marketing plans stimulate thinking and present strategies any author or publisher can modify for their own books."
—Marilyn Ross, CEO, SelfPublishingResources.com, book coach, speaker, author The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing/Companion, Jump Start Your Book Sales, etc.

"Plan ahead. Determine the location and size of your market before your write the book and buy this book now—it will show you how—and much more."
—Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual.

"I always love reading what Shel has to say. He is an expert in this field. Time and experience count!"
Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of The Frugal Book Promoter

"It's clear that Shel Horowitz not only wants you to be one of the rare successes in a very crowded book marketplace, but that he knows what he's talking about. Practical and frugal suggestions on every page that will get your book noticed—and bought!"
—Rick Frishman, co-author, Guerrilla Marketing for Writers, Author 101, etc., and CEO, Planned Television Arts

"Shel Horowitz is one of the most creative and frugal Publicity Hounds I know. His book is jam-packed with ideas, tips, marketing examples from other successful authors, and even some fun and quirky ideas that will make your books fly off the shelves. The many bulleted ‘to do’ lists will keep you on track and on budget."
—Joan Stewart PublicityHound.com

"Outstanding toolkit! Every author can profit from these practical, low-cost tips and techniques to sell and promote their books!"
—Marisa D’Vari, author of Building Buzz: How to Reach and Impress Your Target Audience and four other books

"Valuable tips and insights are scattered throughout his book including areas such as endorsements, book reviews and awards. Tapping into your personal networking possibilities and even hooking the traditional media and how to give a great interview. Also in GRASSROOTS MARKETING Horowitz will teach you the straight story about how bookstores work then libraries and the online bookstores like Amazon. Finally in his advanced marketing section, he covers speaking to sell books, trade shows and book fairs, affiliate and joint-venture marketing, advertising and direct mail plus how to extend your brand and increase your profits. This book is another valuable resource for any book author or publisher."
—Terry Whalin, Author, Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams
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"In Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers, Shel Horowitz presents a marvelous array of real-world book marketing strategies based on his decades of professional experience. His insight will help every author and publisher to sell more books. After all, selling more books is what successful marketing is all about, and that's what Shel's book is clearly all about! I was so impressed that I took the unprecedented step of urging Shel to co-publish with us."
—John F. Harnish, Special Projects Director, Infinity Publishing

"I'm one of the legions of authors who have benefited from years of Shel Horowitz's advice and inspiration--thank you for all the ideas and information you have shared with me and writers around the world."
—Roger C. Parker, Author of Looking Good in Print and many other books, www.publishedandprofitable.com


One of its best features is its organization. Its 4 sections describe marketing in the order that authors should address them-regardless who prints and distributes their book...Marketing should begin well before a book's publication date, although this point rarely receives the attention it gets in Grassroots Marketing...Numerous stories and examples that illustrate important ideas. Authors can use the examples as templates to jumpstart their book marketing activities...an in-depth look at the specialized marketing activities, such as in-person and Internet marketing...I can't think of anyone else who could have written Shel Horowitz's Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers because few share his practical experience or his willingness to share the details of what he's learned.

One of Shel's earlier books was Principled Profit: Marketing that Puts People First. In it, he described what he called the "magic triangle" of honesty, integrity, and quality. Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers is an excellent example of those qualities wedded to Shel's years of experience writing, publishing, and speaking. --$32 million author Roger C. Parker, PublishedAndProfitable.com

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"Shel Horowitz is a generous, highly experienced marketer of books and general items. Known for his focus on ethical marketing, the author has put together an essential reference book for the independent press and self-publishing industry. With over 170,000 new books being published a year, it has become extraordinarily difficult to get seen among the crowd of other books and publishers. Shel’s book gives practical guerrilla marketing ideas and procedures that give the little guy at least a chance of getting seen and bought in the market place.
"He provides strategies and examples of how these strategies can be executed. He covers all the marketing aspects of book selling and explains how and why the industry works as it does. If you are thinking of writing a book; if you have even been fortunate enough to have been accepted by a major publishing house, you will find all the marketing aspects you will be expected to use to maximize book sales. We rated this book a high four hearts."
—Bob Spear, Chief Reviewer, Heartland Reviews

"Provides important step-by-step instructions for book promotion at little or no cost."
—Michael N. Marcus, GoodBadAndUglyBooks.com

"Authors are responsible for marketing their own books, whether they self publish, use a subsidy publisher, or a traditional publisher -- that's simply a fact. I recommend this book for all authors and wannabe authors.
"It concentrates on low and no cost strategies that work, and goes well beyond regurgitating the conventional wisdom. Shel's first book was written in '79, and his extensive first-hand experience with all kinds of publishing is apparent...most of this info is useful regardless of how you package your knowledge: traditional book, ebook, audio product, etc...
"I've been studying books -- how they get written, promoted, sold, AND provide value to their readers for a couple of years -- since before I ever started writing. I've read more than a couple of good books on the subject, and Shel's speaks to me more than any of the others...
"Shel concentrates on practical no and low-cost ideas that have worked for him and others, and provides concrete examples. I wish I had this book before I became an author!...I'm already implementing some of Shel's advice."
—Ted Demopoulos, co-author, Blogging for Business (Click here to read the full review)

"One of those books that becomes a required purchase for new and not-so-new publishers (alongside Kremer’s 1001 Ways, Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual, and Reiss’s Publishing Game)."
—Thomas Nixon, SmallPressBlog.com

"Despite similar titles there is almost no duplication between this book and Horowitz's earlier classic, Grassroots Marketing, listed below. This book is tightly focused on marketing for publications... This is a solid presentation from a marketing and publicity pro, with real world samples of marketing materials prepared by the author for clients. Topics such as web site building that are skimped or ignored in other marketing books are covered here...well worth having on your bookshelf.
"Well organized and well written (hey, it's Horowitz)--it could be considered one of the marketing standards."
—John Culleton, editor, The Shortlist of Recommended Books on Publishing, http://www.wexfordpress.com

"The author also spends time explaining how to market books online, and how to use search engine placement and book sites like Amazon.com to full marketing potential. The tangle of search engine placement, AdSense, affiliate programs, book promotion sites, ezines, blogging, and other online applications is overwhelming. However, Horowitz explains it all in a way that will work for the frugal author. He even offers pages of additional resources...Armchair Interviews says: Anyone interested in marketing and doing writing for profit work will enjoy this book."
Armchair Interviews

"An informed, user friendly, 'how to' book marketing seminar/workshop in a single volume... the ideal reference manual for anyone having to promote a book with little or no available capital for publicity and promotion. Indeed, studying Shel's advice and instructions carefully could well make the difference between commercial success or failure for an author or a publisher."
—Jim Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

"I contacted Shel for marketing advice I could share with beginning authors. During our conversation, Grassroots Marketing was mentioned and I promised I would give it a read. It answered every question I planned to ask, and many I had not even considered. If I was a professional critic, I would have to give this book two thumbs up. His conversational style of writing is exemplary. If you are a beginning author on a tight budget, this book is a must have for your reference library."
—Terry L. Aldershof

"Shel is well-known in small press publishing for his efforts to aid small publishers, authors and others in selling more books without using techniques that make you uncomfortable. This book collects much of the wisdom gained over those years. I'm especially happy to see that he starts with the most important part: the contents of the book. If you don't think about your readers and what they most want from your book as you craft it (writing or editing, as the case may be), then selling the book will be much harder later. From there he discusses building networks, taking advantage of the strengths of the Internet, using more traditional media, giving good interviews and other important publicity topics. Unlike many other books, Shel doesn't stop with publicity. This book talks about a cohesive marketing plan every step of the way. Other important sections include the hows and whys of selling through the book trade, and ways to sell books outside bookstores, whether it would be through speaking engagements, through the mail, or through various conventions, fairs and trade shows. This book is full of solid information, and almost every theoretical discussion includes practical examples used successfully by real authors and publishers."
—Marion Gropen

"GRASSROOTS MARKETING FOR AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS is the 17th book on my publishing shelf. While each of those previous 16 books, including Horowitz's previous "GRASSROOTS" book, had much to offer, they were lacking in practical advice for those of us who are not Captain ManyBucks. This book will not tell you how to write your book, how to edit your book, how to get your ISBN, or how to get your book printed. Other books abound which offer you that. What you will find are 290 pages of affordable goodies: multiple examples of marketing plans and media releases, a cornucopia of websites to explore, and an up-to-date appendix of resources. The author provides examples for both fiction and non-fiction projects. (About half of my books claim fiction is a losing proposition. Very discouraging!) Horowitz, a long-time advocate of frugal ways, doesn't waste pages on pie-in-the-sky schemes (such as how to appear on Oprah) that are beyond the scope of the beginning author/publisher.
"Horowitz admits: "Temptations to spend or even squander lurk under every rock and tree..." Personal experience bears that out. GRASSROOTS MARKETING FOR AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS has effective, low cost ideas that will keep me too busy to do any squandering! Yes, it's indeed possible to make money self-publishing---without 50-grand to risk on a first project. I have, and that included some squandering...er, learning, along the way. This compact book has exactly the things I have been looking for relating to my current project. An enthusiastic 5 stars."
—Byron C. Justice, Author of VIOLENT NIGHT

"Whenever I interview self-published authors I generally pose the question how do they intend to market their books? I am quite dumbfounded that the majority of these authors are so naive and many confess to me that they don't even know where to start. Fortunately with the many books devoted to book marketing as well as the countless Internet sites, there is help at hand, however it is essential that authors devote adequate time to seeking out the information. One recent publication is Shel Horowitz's Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers.
"Horowitz is a copywriter and marketing/publishing consultant as well as an author of several books. He has published with Simon & Schuster, two mid-sized publishers, Infinity, and his own imprint. In other words he knows a thing or two about the marketing of books and his sage advice is quite valuable to anyone who wants to learn the most effective book marketing techniques. Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers reminds me of taking a bus tour when you are able to quickly take in a little of all of the sights. The book begins with the creation of a marketable book where we learn about the marketing plan, the many ways of having your book published, endorsements, reviews and awards. Our next stop deals with publicity where Horowitz writes about personal networking, websites, Google, how to attract attention online, traditional media and how to secure great interviews. There is an entire section devoted to bookstores and libraries and we end our little sightseeing trip with a section dealing with advanced marketing where we learn about speaking engagements, trade shows and book fairs, affiliate and joint-venture marketing, advertising and direct mail, selling rights, extending the brand and making profits.
"Horowitz also includes a fairly extensive appendix listing several excellent resources. Each section focuses on one important element of marketing and is filled with a number of bite-sized sub-sections that are served in digestible portions.
"The chapter on Google, for example, discusses such important topics as Google print wherein Google indexes the entire text of participating books. There is also an exploration of other Google features as their news alerts, advanced search, Froogle, adwords, adsense, images, catalogs and music, site search, groups and blogs, and localized search.
"Did you know, as Horowitz points out, that looking for an illustration for your next book cover can be facilitated with the Google Images and it is a lot easier than the search engines of many stock photo houses?
"I particularly found helpful the chapter dealing with attracting attention elsewhere online. It is here where you will find out about the Internet marketing culture that continually changes, as well as discussion groups, newsletters, blogs, wikis, chats, podcasts, major websites and joint ventures.
"Although there are several books dealing with the same subject matter, Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers holds its own as a useful and accessible primer dealing with the essential ingredients of effective book marketing and it is an absolute must read for anyone interested in knowing more about the intricacies of book promotion."
—Norm Goldman, Editor Bookpleasures

"If you’re serious about book promotion, this work by marketing guru Shel Horowitz is one you’ll want to add to your permanent reference shelf.
"The book, which is divided into four main parts—Creating a Marketable Book, Publicity, Getting into-and out of-Bookstores and Libraries, and Advanced Marketing—covers the most important topics you’ll need to master to market your book successfully. Horowitz begins by explaining how to prepare an effective marketing plan according to the audience of your book, using actual plans as examples to demonstrate his point and make his ideas clear to the reader. He also discusses topics such as how to build a high-traffic website and the importance of branding yourself as expert by writing articles on the subject of your book.
"The author devotes a whole chapter to Google and examines its services beyond the basic “Search”, as well as the use of Adwords and Adsense. Another thing I found particularly helpful in this book is that Horowitz uses specific examples of press releases to clearly demonstrate what works and what doesn’t. Other chapters deal with the importance of discussion groups, building your own newsletter, doing interviews, selling to bookstores and libraries, getting into Amazon, trade shows, book fairs, direct mail advertising, foreign rights, sub rights, etc. In sum, all the topics you need to cover in order to be able to market your book inexpensively but successfully. At the end of the book there’s an Appendix with a list of helpful resources.
"The book is written in an engaging style and is a solid addition to other marketing books available today. I especially liked the use of specific examples in the press releases section and the fact that he devoted a whole chapter on the different uses of Google. I would have liked to see a longer list of book review sites on the resources section, and not only those publications that often ignore the small publishers and small press authors. In sum, the book is full of practical tips and advice and offers an amalgam of information you’ll be able to profit from when promoting your book. Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers comes highly recommended from this reviewer.
—Mayra Calvani, American Chronicle, June 18, 2007

Full Review from Midwest Book Review:

"Shel Horowitz is an accomplished professional consultant and practitioner in the art and science of small press publishing. Shel draws upon many years of hard won experience and expertise to write and publish "Grassroots Marketing For Authors And Publishers", a 292-page compendium of descriptive commentary, advice, tips, techniques, resources, instructions, and examples of how an author can go about successfully marketing their book in a highly competitive and often volatile marketplace. Shel has included seven different marketing models that authors can draw upon to create inexpensive yet very effective websites as part of their overall book marketing strategy. Also included are two complete, full-length marketing plans that are actually based on two of Shel's author clients. Examples of eight actual press releases and six successful media pitches are provided as templates. Exemplary anecdotal stories drawn from some forty-one authors and publishers, plus about a dozen publishing industry experts, provide aspiring authors with real-life examples of what they can do to promote and marketing their book regardless of genre. Enhanced with a 16-page resource appendix listing dozens of useful books, website, publications, book coaches, organizes, etc., "Grassroots Marketing For Authors And Publishers" can be considered an informed, user friendly, 'how to' book marketing seminar/workshop in a single volume. Of special note are Shel's commentaries on why books (and their authors) fail in bookstores, online marketing, and operating profitably in a market where only about ten percent of self-published and small press titles sell more than 1000 copies. It should be noted that the Midwest Book Review is favorably cited on seven occasions within the pages of "Grassroots Marketing For Authors And Publishers". Nevertheless, there is no conflict of interest when strongly recommending "Grassroots Marketing For Authors And Publishers" to the attention of 'midlist' authors of major publishing houses who find themselves shouldering the burden of promoting and marketing their books, self-published authors who have established their own imprint, authors who utilize the services of Print-On-Demand (POD) companies to turn their manuscripts into finished books, as well as authors whose books are published by small presses and niche publishers. "Grassroots Marketing For Authors And Publishers" is the ideal reference manual for anyone having to promote a book with little or no available capital for publicity and promotion. Indeed, studying Shel's advice and instructions carefully could well make the difference between commercial success or failure for an author or a publisher."

Endorsements From Authors and Publishers

"If you retained the top three consultants in book publishing, and picked their brains at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, this book is what your notes would look like after a week. I plan to give a copy to all authors, and make reading this book a requirement for any prospective author who submits a proposal to Elite Books in the future."
—Dawson Church, Publisher, Elite Books

"Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers--the top is bulging with small yellow post-it notes, and page corners are turned down. What a wealth of material, and so specific! What I like best is that you weave your personal experience among the details."
—Marta Felber, LifeWords Press

"Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers begins with the most important aspect of any marketing--a plan. Outlined in the first chapter are two very good examples of what a comprehensive plan should look like and include, as well as prime book marketing suggestions within the plans themselves. And that's just the beginning. Written in a conversational, make that highly accessible style, this book covers virtually every aspect of marketing, from print media through television and radio to online, and beyond. Shel Horowitz will have you thinking both inside and outside the box. This is THE must-have guide for any author or publisher intent on being successful now and for many years to come."
—Mari Bushman, publisher, Jigsaw Press

"The first and most basic question you should ask yourself begins in Chapter Two: What's Your Publishing Strategy? Shel's "been there done that" with each strategy and presents a straightforward discussion of four publishing options available to writers today. This chapter alone can save you years of confusion, heartache, and disappointment, and most importantly hard earned cash.
"I share my enthusiasm for Shel's book as a result of one my own thousand-dollar mistakes in publishing my own book, "U.N.I.Q.U.E.: Growing the Leader Within."...Had this book been on the market when I began, I may have avoided at least one of my most costly learning experiences.
"The book also provides a clear picture that it's the writer's job to know how to position their book idea in the market place to be able promote and sell it, even before the writing begins...There's no question, "Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers" moves to the top of my personal library of writing and publishing resource gems. Five stars."
—Debra J. Slover, Leader Garden Press (Click here to read the full review at Amazon.com--but come back here to buy the book so you get the included bonuses.)

"Shel: I'm so glad I found out about your Frugal Marketing books! I'm in the process of implementing many of your wonderful suggestions in the marketing, publishing and printing of my nonfiction book, "A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss." After deciding to work with you, a professional, for my press releases and biography, I am very, very pleased with the way you took my information and so-so press release, rearranged the information and help me create press releases of sparkling interest. Thank you again. Looking forward to working with you in the future."
—Elaine Williams, www.ajourneywelltaken.com

"Shel Horowitz's marketing strategies have helped me sell more than 4,000 copies of my self-published books. I couldn't have done it without his advice. Get his "Grassroots Marketing" books, follow his advice and he will help you do it, too."
—Jerry Bellune, author of books on leadership and management

"Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers by Shel Horowitz is a must-read for any serious author trying to promote their book. It is filled with links, tricks, hints, and tips for all areas of the marketing phase and beyond. I want to shout from the rooftops: 'This book will help so many people!' If Shel hasn't covered it, it isn't important."
—Kim Smith, author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and hostess of Introducing WRITERS! radio show

"About an hour ago I received in the mail Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers by Shel Horowitz. An hour's skimming some of the chapters has rewarded me many times greater than the cost of the book. Shel speaks of the potential for success in methods I had set out to do but then quit because some of them I failed at. This book shows me why I failed, how I could have done better, and it has encouraged me to get back in the saddle. I highly recommend it."
—Rick Gelinas, www.ophirpublishing.com

"Hello Shel - Thank you for both Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World and Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers. As a fellow marketeer, I appreciate simple, brilliant writing."
—Donna Blevins, https://twitter.com/donna_blevins

"I have just completed writing my first book (nonfiction), which I intend to self publish within the next few months. The task of marketing the book will fall solely on my shoulders! Fortunately, I just finished reading Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers by Shel Horowitz. This book is chock full of essential information for marketing without a huge budget! There is so much detailed information in it, I will be referring to it again and again. Mr. Horowitz provides many, many useful websites I wouldn't have known about. Just a few of the topics I found particularly useful were what to include on my website, how to conduct a bookstore appearance (and even what to be sure to bring), how to get involved in book fairs and trade shows, and so much more. This book is a must-have for anyone who needs to develop a marketing plan for a book! I am glad I found it!"
—Arlene Miller, M.A., Author of The Best Little Grammar Book Ever! www.bigwords101.com

Copywriter and well-known blogger Mordechai "Morty" Schiller reviewed all three of Shel's marketing books here.

"First on his agenda is the issue of creating a marketable book-so important in today's highly competitive publishing climate. Horowitz includes chapters on how to get the interest of traditional media, speaking to sell and the value of trade shows and book fairs. And he discusses some less common promotional practices-turning your competitors into affiliates or marketing partners, for example and creating a brand.
"He helps the reader understand the bookstore system-finally and he tells your how to get big name blurbs for your book... Whether you are just starting out with a book to promote or you've been in promotion mode for quite a while, let Horowitz's book show you a wider view of the whole marketing situation in an organized, friendly way. And, to my delight, the book has a nice index. Thank you, Shel."
—Patricia Fry is President of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network) and author of The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell your Book (Click here to read the full review)

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